In conversations with people from all walks of life a common theme continues to surface.  People tell me they are not where they thought they would be at this stage in their life. They are frustrated and concerned that things won’t or can’t get any better.

Too many people are resigned to the “belief” that how life unfolds is out of their control or influence, and all they can do is cope as best as they can with what shows up.

I have to admit I had the same feelings and thoughts for a long time until I realized that the life experiences I was having I was creating. Once I took responsibility for my choices and subsequent experiences my life began unfolding as I wanted it to. In fact, as I intended it to!

“Accepting and embracing the truth that we always have choices, no matter the circumstances, empowers us to create and experience the life we desire”

 And to add to the confusion of why life has unfolded the way that it has is the frustration associated with “discovering one’s life purpose.”  Contrary to popular belief there is only one life purpose and it is shared by seven plus billion people, however, there are seven plus billion ways to fulfill it!

What is coaching?

Coaching is an empowering process uniquely designed to create lasting positive change in one’s life. Through coaching you become consciously aware of your unlimited potential… potential that has always existed but not fully realized. You come to understand that the only thing between you and the experiences of life you desire are the thoughts and beliefs you hold about who you are and of what is possible.

“Our experience of life is a reflection of our beliefs and subsequent thoughts about life”

What is Prosperity by Design Coaching™?

Prosperity by Design Coaching™ is a personalized coaching approach geared towards a clients specific life challenges and life desires. Ultimately it is about creating a loving relationship with your Self and life that results in richer, fuller, more rewarding life experiences in all aspects of your life.

“True prosperity is not found in the accumulation of wealth.
It is found by embracing the richness and fullness of Life in all of its expressions”

Coaching is not a one size fits all proposition. Everyone one of us has a unique perspective of life and therefore a unique experience of life based on that perspective. Prosperity by Design Coaching™ honors a person’s unique perspective while serving as a tour guide in the exploration of new, perhaps more empowering perspectives.

Prosperity by Design Coaching™ holds the key to unlocking the invisible chains that bind you and prevent your fullest experience of life. Through Prosperity by Design Coaching™ you gain an awareness and acceptance of who you truly are, who you desire to be, and who you are in the process of being.  Once you have gained the awareness and appreciation for who you are and of what you are capable of, you will create and enjoy prosperity in all areas of your life, including business, personal relationships, health and well-being, spirituality and self expression. Not to mention your understanding of the one purpose of life and your unique way of fulfilling it!

What’s Next?

Contact Spiritual Life Coach Jim Phillips now and discover for your Self the answers to the following questions:

1. What is it that I desire to experience in and from life?
2. What is preventing me from having these experiences?
3. How can I create these experiences?
4. Do I believe that I really can?

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